A registrar is a non-consultant hospital doctor who has completed a minimum of 24 months post internship.


Advancing to registrar level from SHO level is dependent on experience and aptitude within a specialty. Registrars are supervised in their work by consultants. Registrar posts are generally standalone posts and work is carried out as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Non-training or standalone posts allow you to gain further real-world experience and improve your competitiveness when applying to training schemes.

Trainee Posts

In some instances (e.g. a 3 or 4-year IST) the registrar role will apply to a doctor in their 3rd and 4th year of training. Registrars will provide some clinical oversight to interns and SHOs, but always under the overarching supervision of the consultant. Registrars are either appointed to posts as part of their training rotations or apply through local competitions for the standalone posts. Application for Registrar posts is via the individual clinical site. These roles are advertised at and also on the individual site websites.

Many Registrars also take on roles such as Clinical Lectureship roles in 3rd Level Universities or conduct research in the form of an MD. Registrars in training programmes will follow the defined IST/BST curriculum and will need to complete courses and exams as outlined by their training bodies.

Non Trainee Posts

Registrars not in training programmes may also use this time to complete exams or courses in order to enhance their competitiveness in applying for Specialist Training.

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