Specialist Registrar (SpR)

A Specialist Registrar (SpR) is a doctor who is undertaking their higher specialist training (HST).

Similar to SpRs, Senior Registrars are undertaking HST but this term applies specifically to those in Psychiatry.


HST is the final step on the path to specialisation. There are programmes available in over 50 specialties across 13 Irish postgraduate medical training bodies (PGMTBs). This is the final stage of training. On completion, you will receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST), which allows you to register as a Specialist on the Medical Council Register, making you eligible for consultant posts in Ireland. To ensure you gain the widest experience, HST schemes are rotational in nature, and you will rotate between jobs and/or clinical sites every six to 12 months. SpR posts are fully salaried.

Trainee Posts

Access to SpR posts varies – in specialities which are run-through progression is guaranteed on the attainment of defined requirements. In specialities which are not run-through appointment to SpR posts is competitive. Recruitment to Non-Run-through HST posts is organised by the relevant PGMTBs and usually opens in October annually. These are highly competitive processes. HST programmes vary in length and in some cases Doctors choose to take a year out of training to conduct research or pursue a qualification such as a Masters, MD or PhD. Available training places are agreed between the PGMTB and the HSE.

After Registrar