Educational funding supports - trainees & other NCHDs

While employed by your clinical site, you will sign and hold the 2010 NCHD Contract. This contract allows you avail of many training and educational supports, including the following:

Training Supports Scheme (TSS)

TSS overview

The Training Supports Scheme (TSS) can be used to pay for the cost of exams, courses, and conferences which satisfy the TSS eligibility criteria. Funded by NDTP, TSS is available to NCHDs who have held a 2010 NCHD Contract for at least 12 weeks and are working in an HSE-funded post.

The annual amount available under this scheme for each training year (July to July) is linked to your employment grade.

Funding available


€ 1,250

per year

Senior House Officer (SHO), Registrar (Reg)

€ 1,750

per year

Specialist Registrar (SpR)

€ 2,500

per year. Applies to SpRs, GP registrars, psychiatry SRs on a training scheme.

Financial support and user guide links (TSS)

Learn more about the TSS scheme and download the TSS guide (PDF).

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Clinical Course & Exam Refund Scheme (CCERS)

CCERS Overview

The Clinical Course and Exam Refund Scheme (CCERS) is part of the suite of educational supports for NCHDs provided by HSE-NDTP. The scheme provides funding towards an approved list of clinical courses and exams.

For further information on the CCER Scheme, or the other supports offered by NDTP, please see link to our website.

Financial support and users guides links (CCERS)

Learn more about the CCERS scheme and download the CCERS user guide (PDF).

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Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme (CPD-SS)

Overview (CPD-SS)

As an NCHD working in the public health service and on the general or supervised Register of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council, you are required by law to actively maintain your professional competence. To meet these legal requirements, you must enrol on a professional competence scheme (PCS) with the relevant training body.

Once enrolled on a PCS, you may avail of the HSE-funded Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme (CPD-SS), which helps NCHDs to maintain and enhance their clinical knowledge and skills and sustain their professional competence. Through the scheme, you can access up to 20 free credits per year for externally validated education provided through postgraduate medical training bodies.

Guidance link (CPD-SS)

Higher Specialist Training Fund (HSTF)

Overview HSTF

Specialist Training Fund for Higher Specialist Trainees (HSTF)

This NDTP-funded financial scheme is available to higher specialist trainees and third-year or fourth-year general practitioner (GP) trainees only. Each trainee is entitled to €500 per training year and the fund rolls over if not claimed in any particular year. You can use this fund to support your participation in education and training events that have been approved by the relevant postgraduate medical training body. This fund can also be used to support the purchase of specialist medical equipment required for a training programme. Applications should be submitted to the relevant post-graduate training body.

Financial support and user guides links (HSTF)

Learn more about the HSTF scheme and download the HSTF guide (PDF).

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Other funding supports - NCHDs

Temporary Recoverable Payment (TRP)

Temporary Recoverable Payment (TRP)

The Temporary Recoverable Payment (TRP) was recently introduced to alleviate the impact of reduced cash flow for NCHDs who are being taxed at the emergency tax rate. This is a default level of payroll taxation, used if an employer has not yet received an employee’s tax credit certificate (P2C) from Revenue (for instance, when starting employment or moving from one payroll area to another), and results in a lower salary than usual.

If eligible, you will receive a payment of €850 (gross, and therefore subject to tax) which should cover any loss from emergency tax and is included in your initial pay. This payment will then be deducted from your gross salary in the following pay run, at which point you should be taken off the emergency tax rate. TRP is a temporary measure, in place until a more long-term solution to emergency tax issues is found.

For more information, contact your Medical Manpower Department manager.

Relocation expenses (NCHDs on rotation at changeover)

Relocation expenses

One of the entitlements of holding the 2010 NCHD Contract is access to relocation expenses. If you are on an approved rotation scheme, you are entitled to claim up to €1,000 in relocation expenses (in Ireland) once a year, subject to approval on submission of original receipts. Expenses could be for:

• Removal of furniture and effects from one house to another.

• Local short-term storage (up to 3 months) when required due to housing difficulties.

• Cost of insuring removals or storage (as above) at normal insurance rates.

• Cost of one journey for you and your dependants at civil service rates.

• Lease of a principal residence when the NCHD is the owner or occupier.

• Travel expenses (mileage/train/bus) related to moving, including travel expenses while searching for accommodation.

• Subsistence while looking for accommodation (up to 6 nights) at €167/night.