Educational funding support - Consultants

Financial supports for Consultants continuing education are outlined.

Consultant Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Consultant Continuing Medical Education (CME)

This scheme, which allows consultants to claim funds towards courses and conference, reference materials, and professional fees, is open to consultants employed in the public service. Consultants who hold the new Public Only Consultants Contract 2023 have a CME fund 4 times that of consultants who hold the 2008/1997 contract. The fund is held and maintained by the primary employer as recognized by the consultant’s contract of employment.

Learn more about the CME scheme and download the CME guide (PDF) Guide

Funding available

Consultants (POCC 2023 contract)

€ 12,000

Consultants with a POCC 2023 contract - CME fund per annum (pro rata)

Consultants (2008/1997 contract)

€ 3,000

Consultants with a 2008/1997 contract - CME fund per annum (pro rata).

Financial support and guide links (CME)

Learn more about the CME scheme and download the CME guide (PDF)

Financial Supports - Guide

The application form should be completed in full and returned to the relevant employer for processing.

NER 15 2021 CME Addendum and Form-1