Open positions, CV & preparing for an interviews

Find open positions, tips on drafting your CV or resume and support on preparing for interviews

Open positions (CareerHub)

HSE Career Hub – open roles

HSE Career Hub is a website centralising hospital and healthcare vacancies advertised by the HSE. Once registered, candidates will receive weekly job alert emails based on their saved preferences (staff category, grade, county, and HSE area). See more at and read the frequently asked questions.

CV Structure

How to structure your CV

Creating a standout CV as a doctor requires careful attention to detail and a focus on highlighting your skills and experience. Here are some tips for creating a strong CV as a doctor:

  1. Keep it concise
  2. Focus on accomplishments
  3. Highlight your skills
  4. Tailor it to the position
  5. Include relevant education and training

Interview Preparation

Preparing for interview

Preparing for a Basic Specialist Training (BST), Higher Specialist Training (HST) or Consultant interview in Ireland can be challenging, but there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of success. Here are some tips on how to prepare for such an interview:

  1. Prepare for common interview questions.
  2. Brush up on your knowledge.
  3. Practice your communication skills.
  4. Prepare questions for the interviewers.

Candidate Support Materials (CareerHub)

The Candidate Support information page on the HSE Careers Hub website provides candidates with comprehensive support and information about the HSE recruitment process. This covers applying for a job, understanding the interview process, and tips to help you prepare for your interview.