About Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country in northwestern Europe with a rich cultural heritage and thriving economy.

About Ireland FAQs


The official languages of Ireland are Irish and English. However, English is the more commonly spoken language.

The climate in Ireland is known for being temperate maritime, meaning that it is mild and moist with abundant rainfall and a lack of extreme temperatures. The country's location on the Atlantic Ocean, as well as its position in the path of prevailing westerly winds, contribute to its unique climate. The average temperature in Ireland is around 9°C (48°F) in winter and 19°C (66°F) in summer. However, the weather can be unpredictable, and it is not uncommon to experience rain, wind, and sunshine all in the same day.

The mild and moist climate in Ireland is beneficial for agriculture and horticulture, and the country is known for its lush green landscapes and rolling hills. However, the climate can also pose challenges for outdoor activities and tourism, particularly during the winter months when storms and heavy rainfall are more common. Despite this, Ireland's climate is generally considered to be temperate and pleasant, with mild temperatures and plenty of rainfall to keep the countryside green and vibrant throughout the year.

The total population of the Republic of Ireland (ROI) is over 5 million and is spread over 4 provinces split into 26 counties many of which are mainly rural. The main cities in the Republic of Ireland are:

  • Dublin city is the capital of ROI with over 1,000,000 (1 million) population including suburbs. Ireland's largest city is in the province of Leinster. Dublin is on the mouth of the river Liffey as it meets the Irish Sea on the east coast of Ireland.
  • Cork city is home to 200,000 people and is situated in Munster province. It is on the river Lee and the south Atlantic coast of Ireland.
  • Limerick city has a population of 100,000. It is also in Munster and is the main city of Ireland's Mid-West Atlantic on the Shannon river estuary.
  • Galway city with 85,000 inhabitants is in Connacht province. It is on the west Atlantic coast.
  • Waterford city is home to 60,000 people. Also in Munster, it is on the south-east Atlantic coast of Ireland.

In addition Northern Ireland (NI) which is a separate political state on the island, has a population of 1.5 million. NI is in the province of Ulster, has 6 counties and two large cities:

  • Belfast city is the capital of NI with 500,000 inhabitants. It is the north east coast of Ireland where the river Lagan meets the Irish sea
  • Derry city has a population of 80,000. It is on the river Foyle and Ireland's northern Atlantic coast.