General Practitioners (GPs)

There are around 3,500 general practitioners (GPs) currently working in Ireland. As GPs provide a broad service, they are usually the first medical professional a person turns to when they feel unwell. GPs play a central role in the health of our community, caring for people at every stage of life, from birth to old age.

GP Training

GP Training

GP training is usually four years in duration where the first two years are spent primarily in hospital settings, and the final two years as a GP Registrar in a General Practice. For some trainees who have completed BST or IST in relevant areas this training may be shortened to two or three years under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). During the hospital training years, GP Trainees are supervised by the Registrars or Consultants in the services to which they are assigned. During the GP practice training years, they are supervised by the GP Trainer in the Primary Care setting. GP Training is rotational in nature throughout the four years of training.

In addition to supervised clinical training in the hospital, you will need to complete exams and courses designed to help you to develop professionally and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to provide excellent patient care.

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