Sports and Exercise Medicine

Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) involves the care of people who exercise at all levels and of all ages.


The SEM Specialist requires a broad range of skills to manage acute or chronic exercise related injuries, medical problems associated with sport and exercise, doping related issues, as well as exercise prescription for healthy people, but also for those suffering from chronic illness.

The SEM Specialist is key to liaising with a wide variety of specialist medical professionals in various specialties (Cardiology, Rheumatology, Respiratory Medicine, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia – pain medicine, etc.). Team care – at both elite and local level – is also an integral part of the duties of the SEM Specialist.

Higher Specialist Training (HST)


  1. Have completed specialist training in a primary specialty in Ireland (CSCST) for Irish candidates, or hold specialist registration in a recognised primary specialty with the Medical Council of Ireland for overseas candidates.
  2. An MSc SEM degree is required and can be completed either prior to entering the training programme, or while on programme for candidates who are successful in getting appointed to the scheme. It is not mandatory at point of entry, but will be required at exit entry before trainees can be awarded with a CSCST in Sports and Exercise Medicine by the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (FSEM).